Painting Must Haves

At MPG Painting we believe in the paints and products we use for our customers. We have contracts with Sherwin Williams and Miller Paint because they have amazing products. Their paints avoid peeling, cracking, scuffing, mold, and fading. Having a long-lasting paint will ensure a satisfied customer and that’s what we want.

Checklist for Selecting a Professional Painter

How do you know that you’re using the right professional painter for your job? Here are six questions to answer before you make your decision:

  • 1. Are they fully licensed and insured?
  • 2. Do they use proper Preparation and Application?
  • 3. Do they meet with you before the project begins to assess your specific needs?
  • 4. Do they communicate with you throughout the process?
  • 5. Do they give you a walk-through to make sure the project is done to your satisfaction?
  • 6. Do they guarantee their work after the project is over?

Update Regarding COVID-19

Coronavirus continues to shape our lives daily. Health and Safety is a priority for us at MPG. MPG PAINTING takes the necessary precautions to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene for our clients and employees in this difficult time. Our employees wear standard PPE (personal protective equipment) for the job regularly, we will continue to wear masks as appropriate for this time to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.