Painting Must Haves

At MPG Painting we believe in the paints and products we use for our customers. We have contracts with Sherwin Williams and Miller Paint because they have amazing products. Their paints avoid peeling, cracking, scuffing, mold, and fading. Having a long-lasting paint will ensure a satisfied customer and that’s what we want.

Brushes and rollers all have a specific use to promote a seamless job. Smaller, angled brushes are for cutting and trim work. A flat brush is great for molding. Larger brushes are used for painting corners or when you’re covering larger surfaces. For Ceilings and Drywall, we use a medium 3/8″ nap roller covers work best. When we paint walls, Wood, and Metal a Small 1/4″ nap roller covers or foam will produce the smoothest finish. On Light to Medium Textured Surfaces, we would use microfiber rollers. And for Smooth Surfaces using a white woven short nap roller will give an ultra-fine finish. Foam brushes are well suited to intricate work such as painting molding or window casings. These brushes are normally good only for one use, as they’re hard to clean and easy to tear. Manmade bristle brushes are used for acrylics and for water-based and latex paints. Before choosing a brush or roller always examine the product before use. If you tug on the bristles and if some, come out the brush was poorly made and can lead to a botched paint job.

When asked for advice on color we explain that we are always trying to lighten up homes where we can typically because of lack of lighting, and it makes appearance look bigger and cleaner. White, Light Greys, Light Tans, and Accent walls can help open any room. The best way to find a color that you like is to paint a 4-by-4-foot swatch on the wall and live with it for at least 24 to 48 hours so you can see it in action. Create a color scheme that matches your home’s furniture, decide on the finish to create an appealing visual effect, match the color to the feeling you want in the room, know your whites, make small spaces feel bigger or cozier, exploring using two different colors in the same room, create contrast in rooms with wainscoting.

When it comes to painting tools, if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. There’s really no substitute for quality painting tools, adequate preparation, and careful work. One of the easiest things to remember about paint tools is that you get what you pay for. The biggest mistake I see homeowners make is that they buy cheap tools that don’t give them good results, or they buy cheap paint—then they end up with a poor finished product. Must Haves to make sure the job is done adequately. Wall cleaner, painter’s tape, brushes, rollers, cloth drop cloths, paintbrush cleaner, clear plastic bucket, roller trays, roller extension pole, and a sturdy ladder.