Checklist for Selecting a Professional Painter

1. Are they fully licensed and insured?

At MPG PAINTING we are licensed, insured, and bonded. Our employees are background checked and adhere to strict policies and procedures. We have an excellent safety record. This is all backed up by Testimonials, References, and a Written Guarantee. These are all important qualities you want when seeking a painting contractor.

2. Do they use proper Preparation and Application?

Did you know that interior painting actually requires more prep work than exterior painting? Knowing what you can expect really helps the process. We can paint your home two ways, brush and roll or mask and spray. Most of the time, our preference is to brush and roll. However, if we are doing a complete paint job (walls, ceilings, and trim), mask and spray can be done at a cost savings for our clients. It might be worth it to the client to consider masking and spraying. Some prefer the look of a spray finish on trim and cabinets. When mask and spray is the choice, everything that does not get painted will be completely covered. The drawback for our clients is the need to find another place to stay for a few days. Which do we recommend? Objectively, the difference between the two methods in quality is the same. Proper preparation and application of paint are most important to any quality paint job. Our goal is your satisfaction.

3. Do they meet with you before the project begins to assess your specific needs?

Our project managers will contact you to schedule your project. He will finalize your color selections, go over our procedures with you and answer any further questions you may have. For us to begin, the walls need to be free and clear of anything. Please leave the nails in for things you want to hang back in the same spot but remove the nails for items you do not want to re-hang. Remove clutter and breakables, empty the closets (if we are painting them), and make sure we can access the area being painted.

4. Do they communicate with you throughout the process?

Success depends upon good communication. Our lead painter will inspect the job with you the first day to review the work to be performed, the colors chosen and go over concerns you may have. The lead painter will also give you a daily schedule and completion date. As the job progresses any questions or concerns can be communicated to the lead painter or project manager.

5. Do they give you a walk-through to make sure the project is done to your satisfaction?

Your lead painter will meet with you for final walk through to be sure you are 100% pleased, and have you sign off on the project. He will also collect the final payment.

6. Do they guarantee their work after the project is over?

If you have concerns or questions at any time after we’ve completed your project, don’t hesitate to call us. We genuinely want 100% satisfaction. We leave touch up paint for you to use for normal maintenance. Please store this indoors. A damp cloth is all that needs to be used to clean a painted surface. If this does not work, use the paint left for a touch up.

All our paint jobs come with a 5-year limited warranty that covers blistering or peeling. (We do not cover drywall cracks which are considered normal building maintenance.)