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Exterior Painting

All complete exterior paint projects include:

Power washing- This is the first step to every paint job. This is done to ensure removal of any loose dirt, peeling paint, mold, and anything else that may affect the adhesion of the paint coating.

Scraping- We scrap any remaining loose paint that power washing did not take care of.

Wood Repairs- We do not repair wood and recommend replacing any dry rot or damaged wood. We will give contractor referrals.

Caulking- Done primarily for cosmetics. It also helps keep bugs out and weatherize your home. Its main function is to make the paint look better. We caulk all wood doors and window trim. This depends on the home and our client.

Masking- Protecting your property is a priority. We cover the windows, brick, concrete, shrubs, and anything that is not going to be painted.

Paint Application- We apply everything according to manufacturer recommendations. We use the back roller on rough surfaces such as stucco, T1-11 siding, or cedar siding. This ensures the paint is pushed into all the cracks and crevices, providing a uniform appearance. We then brush and roll paint the trim.

We use the best product lines available from the top two manufacturers, Sherwin Williams (Cashmere) or Benjamin Moore (Aura). These products come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.

We also stain and seal decks and concrete.


Our team will be ready to perform and know the processes that will take place first, and in what areas. Our experience, training, and expertise has taught us the do’s and don’ts of paint. We understand the best places to start and how to see your project through to completion.

Do not worry about a mess. This is our specialty! If we are not there to paint it, it gets covered.

Clean Up

Daily, we will organize the jobsite, so your environment is disturbed as little as possible. We thoroughly clean the work area at the end of every job.

Cabinet Painting

This is a popular service. Our crews understand what it takes to refinish and update your cabinetry. Starting with cleaning, sanding, and priming, then we apply two coats of stain blocking bonding primer to help correct adhesion.